9 Planets Villas is a project of CE-SA group in the District of Yelki Guzelbahce, Izmir and consists of 9 special villas.Project was planned by Hale Balcioglu who is also known with her customized designs. Project started in 2004 and was completed in November 2006.
Cengiz Sani has taken the certificate of moneylending from the Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade in 1995 under Cesagroup. Since then, Cesafinance provides the cash flow of the customers.
With the protocol signed between governorship of Izmir and Cesagroup on 10/10/2003, starts the construction of our school of 8500 square metres and 20 classrooms. It serves to the educational needs of 450 students since 2004.

Cesa Grup is proud to launch Phonecessories to benefit rising consumer demand in mobile appliances and accessories business.