Ce-Sa Finance was established in 1995 under the Ce-Sa Group http://www.cesagrup.com as a financing company.

It has been servicing to aprx 500 customers for 13 years in Aegean region, eastern side of Turkiye.

In Turkiye we have a very common cheque payment method (deffered payments) The company is meeting the customers needs of cash by converting their post dated cheques to cash.

In this way our customers have a ready cash flow to purchase their needed raw material for the post dated cheques for when they sell their finished goods.

Ce-Sa Finance was in the first 100 highest tax payer in Izmir for 2002 and 2003.

In the following years has continued to pay high taxes . 2004-2005-2006 and 2007 donated a primary school and a high school to its country worth aprx 2 million U.S.D.

Still working in the same high quality service.
1374 sk. No:18/408 Selvili İş Merkezi 35210 Çankaya - İzmir - Türkiye TURKEY
+90 232 483 08 70
+90 232 484 21 21
+90 533 597 32 02